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by ITE
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Static Dissipative and Conductive Flooring Adhesive

GRIPiTe V30 SD Static Dissipative and Conductive Flooring Adhesive is a high bond strength static dissipative floor coverings adhesive. It has conductive properties which enable the discharge or dissipation of electrical charges which build up in vinyl flooring to a discharge earth leakage point.

The adhesive can be used with copper or aluminium strips connected to an earth leakage point. GRIPiTe V30 SD is a solvent free acrylic flooring adhesive incorporating static conductive components to ensure that static is transmitted from the flooring into the adhesive and then into the sub-floor, and ultimately into the earth leakage electrical system. Containing no VOC’s, GRIPiTe V30 SD is GBCSA compliant for green buildings.

GRIPiTe V30 SD is applied at a rate of 4m² per Kg, depending on the roughness and porosity of the surface being adhered to and the trowel notch size. The recommended notch sizes are 1,5mm x 1,5mmvee’s with 1,5mm intervals. (A1 notching)

 is available in 20Kg buckets.